Zeitgeist’s Integration With Subscan Goes Live

Zeitgeist is pleased to announce the integration of our parachain with Subscan.io

Zeitgeist’s Integration With Subscan Goes Live

Zeitgeist is happy to announce an important milestone on our journey to being a fully operational blockchain-based application: The integration with data analytics suite Subscan.

Subscan.io is one of the Substrate ecosystem’s most utilized multi-chain explorers. The interface is built uniquely for Substrate-based blockchains, and provides the highest precision data from within the entire environment. Subscan is used to search, analyze, and visualize blockchain data from across the full suite of chains, such as extrinsics, transfers, accounts, tokens, prices, staking, as well as other activities like Parachain Lease Offering details as well.

Zeitgeist is delighted to have a dedicated subdomain on Subscan, allowing users to read our on-chain data and get up to the second information regarding our live Kusama parachain.

Beyond the overwhelming work of prepping our parachain and prediction markets application that has kept our teams busy of late, we have been hard at work in recent weeks ensuring we meet Subscan’s requirements. This included the spinning up of a main net archival node specifically for Subscan, and then testing and running this node for more than a full week to ensure the data points correspond accurately.

We’re excited about this integration with one of the leading explorers within the ecosystem, and believe the window of information it will provide users of the Zeitgeist protocol will be hugely beneficial. We look forward to more news in coming weeks as we get closer to deploying the live Zeitgeist application!

In the meantime, users can visit our unique Zeitgeist page on Subscan by visiting https://zeitgeist.subscan.io/ - the page goes live at 02:00am UTC, March 30th.