Zeitgeist Integrates with Polkassembly for Revolutionary Governance Forecasting

Zeitgeist integrates with Polkassembly, enabling users to make and profit from predictions on Polkadot governance proposals, while also incorporating Zeitgeist's governance into Polkassembly, fostering decentralized engagement and informed decision-making in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Zeitgeist Integrates with Polkassembly for  			Revolutionary Governance Forecasting

Zeitgeist is delighted to introduce a groundbreaking integration that we hope will positively transform the landscape of Polkadot governance. Zeitgeist, Polkadot’s leading prediction market platform, is joining forces with Polkassembly for a collaboration that means users can now make predictions on various Polkadot governance proposals from within the Polkassembly UI. It's no longer about observing governance; it's about actively participating and profiting from your insights!

Governance decisions within the Polkadot ecosystem are crucial, and with this integration, members of the community have the power to predict the outcomes of selected referenda. Whether a proposal will be 'ayed' or 'nayed' is no longer just a matter of passive speculation. By leveraging their understanding of the Polkadot OpenGov system, users can make informed predictions and earn rewards for their foresight.

Real-World Example: The Whale Wars

Just consider the recent, controversial “whale wars” in Polkadot OpenGov. In a recent Twitter thread, Polkassembly (@polk_gov) highlighted a classic example of an OpenGov voting tussle, where two major stakeholders clashed in governance - check out the full thread here. This kind of scenario is a perfect example of events that can be forecast with our new integration. Who has the edge? Who will sway the vote? What is their conviction? Now, the DOT community can predict and profit from pivotal governance moments (and yes, we’re looking at you, content creators! 😉)

Both teams are working hard at making the integration of our protocol with that of Polkassembly’s UI a seamless experience. Users will be able to easily view ongoing referenda, as per normal in the Polkassembly interface, scanning the OpenGov proposal itself, including the current vote status, conviction, and voting details. But a box on the right hand side, below these standard info boxes, will provide the option for users to make a prediction on the proposal’s result. We plan for this integration to show the forecast outcome of the prediction market, and users who want to participate can then visit that specific market by clicking on the dialog box.

Our plan is that these markets will be denominated in DOT, thereby ensuring that the Polkadot community, already utilizing their DOT for governance, can easily participate in these prediction markets and use their knowledge for profit.

For us, this goes beyond just thinking about a new feature. This is a new frontier in decentralized governance. By combining the insightful data and community engagement of Polkassembly with the innovative mechanics of prediction markets, this is a unique opportunity to engage with and benefit from Polkadot governance in a dynamic new way.

Zeitgeist’s Governance Comes To Polkassembly

In addition to prediction markets on various Polkadot governance referenda, we are also excited to announce that Zeitgeist’s own governance will from now on be available from within Polkassembly’s interface. Zeitgeist is a committed decentralized protocol, with our sudo being removed back in January 2022. Since then, all changes to the protocol have been done via the democratic governance of ZTG holders. Going forward, this governance can be performed from within the Polkassembly interface. 

These are two very important and exciting updates for us at Zeitgeist, and underscore our team’s commitment to maximizing the power of prediction markets, and providing a state of the decentralized protocol at the forefront of our industry. We’re currently hard at work finalizing the integration, and the moment everything is ready, we’ll announce it on our X accounts of Zeitgeist and Polkassembly

We encourage all Polkadot governance participants to familiarize themselves with our platform, which can be done from these tutorials here.

See you in Governance...