Zeitgeist and StellaSwap: Enhanced Liquidity and Predictive Power in DeFi

Zeitgeist is delighted to announce a key integration with StellaSwap, the leading DEX on Moonbeam.

Zeitgeist and StellaSwap: Enhanced Liquidity and Predictive Power in DeFi
Zeitgeist is officially coming to Stella

Today, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Zeitgeist and StellaSwap, marking a significant milestone for users and enthusiasts of both decentralized prediction markets and decentralized finance. This collaboration is not just a testament to innovation but a beacon of growth and accessibility within the Moonbeam and Zeitgeist ecosystems. 

Zeitgeist is at the forefront of decentralized prediction markets, offering a platform that is as versatile as it is user-centric. Our native utility token, ZTG, is the lifeblood of our network, allowing users to stake, secure, and engage in governance. With ZTG, users can not only make informed predictions but also craft their own markets, steering the future of decentralized forecasting.

StellaSwap stands as a leading decentralized exchange within the Polkadot and Moonbeam ecosystem, and serves as a vital gateway connecting the dots between Polkadot, Moonbeam, and the broader EVM world. StellaSwap has grown to become a cornerstone for liquidity and asset diversity, empowering users with seamless exchange capabilities.

Thanks to Stella’s work with Axelar’s Squid Router, Stella is able to offer efficient and flexible cross-chain liquidity, simplifying the process of swapping tokens across different blockchains. Users can perform token swaps without the need to navigate complex bridge mechanisms or manage wrapped tokens, streamlining the swapping process to a single click within the Stella interface, making it an incredibly user-friendly experience.

Stella can now become the bridge that connects users to a world of possibilities, allowing for the swift exchange of tokens like USDC, GLMR, DOT, among others, directly to ZTG. This is an important step for us, as it grants our users effortless access to a vast pool of liquidity and assets within the Moonbeam and the greater EVM ecosystem. It's a step that we believe will catalyze user growth and foster an environment of even greater innovation.

In addition to being available on StellaSwap’s DEX, their Pulsar Farm will also host a ZTG<>DOT pool! Stella’s Pulsar Farm has become increasingly popular thanks to pairs like DOT<>GLMR, DOT<>BNC, and USDC<>GLMR among others. Launching a ZTG<>DOT farm on the platform is another big move for us, and is very likely to catch the attention of DeFi enthusiasts from across the industry.

We’re anticipating this integration to go live on Friday 17 November, so keep an eye on our socials for the official dates and times!

This partnership is a vision coming into fruition for us. We are committed to nurturing integrations like this one with StellaSwap. and ensuring that our users have the best tools at their disposal to predict, participate, and prosper. It's about creating a seamless, secure, and user-friendly environment that not only meets the current demands of our users but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow. We invite our community to embrace this new chapter, explore the expanded capabilities, and join us on the exciting journey into the future of decentralized prediction markets.

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