Announcing The Zeitgeist TGE

We are excited to announce the much anticipated Token Generation Event. Here are the full details.

Announcing The Zeitgeist TGE
The Zeitgeist Token Generation Event is here

The founders and team of Zeitgeist are excited to announce the genesis supply of ZTG tokens! This includes the entire total supply of tokens which will exist on the Zeitgeist chain. Most of the data required for the Token Generation Event (TGE) is in its final stages, and the last few days have been devoted to reviewing and ensuring there are no mistakes with on-chain balances.

A few of those reviews from the team and community are being finalized at the time of writing, and soon all of our focus moves to deploying Zeitgeist’s latest runtime code.

This will include:

  • Enabling transferability (TTE - Token Transferability Event)
  • Transitioning away from Sudo into the on-chain governance process
  • The Zeitgeist parachain running on Kusama commencing its era as a community-governed protocol

This will then allow other organizations and partners to go live with their allocations and operations of ZTG. We are targeting Thursday 30 June for this TTE to take place.

With TGE mostly complete, users should be able to view their allocations and balances in their respective ZTG wallets, but will only be able to transfer ZTG in and out of those wallets after the TTE.

We know this has been a long time coming for many of you who have waited patiently in expectation for this momentous occasion in Zeitgeist’s history. We appreciate the patience of our community, and recognize the support you have provided as we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to become an economically stable and technically sound decentralized organization.

Once next week’s TTE process is complete, and we transfer away from Sudo to full decentralization, our focus will turn to finalizing the prediction market software and ensuring it meets the high standard we set for ourselves. We believe that this process will require approximately two more months, at which point we will fully launch the Zeitgeist Prediction Market application to the world with considerable fanfare.

For further analysis of our TGE allocations, we have an in-depth and highly informative article by our Researcher Francisco De Pablo live on our blog here.

Again, we appreciate your support, and want to reiterate our goal of building the best prediction market software available. It’s a monumental task, but one we cannot do without you championing our cause.

Feel free to connect with our community ambassadors in our Discord or Telegram if you have further questions.

Let’s go.