Monthly Report: October 2022

October was our first full month since app launch. Here's what happened within the ZTG ecosystem!

Monthly Report: October 2022
Here's what we were up to in October.

In October, the Zeitgeist team was hard at work improving the overall prediction market product. This is a perpetual process, but is a top priority right now as we look to ensure the application runs as smoothly as possible for crypto native and inexperienced users alike. Part of that improvement process is page and data load times, which means tweaking our Subsquid integration; while the other part is ensuring liquidity pools adequately serve both the market creators as well as the market participants - this specifically is an evolving process which requires dynamic adaptation to how users are making use of the application.

In addition to app improvements, our primary community event in October was a "Launch Party" event in Decentraland, which attracted almost 1,000 users in only three days. The event saw numerous crypto enthusiasts join us in Decentraland where many of them were excited to hear about what we are doing with prediction markets, especially PM-based governance. Before we get into the details of that though, let's run through everything else that went on within the Zeitgeist ecosystem last month...




Zeitgeist's engineering team continued to optimize the overall protocol code, and submitted a total of 176 commits. Here are the primary updates:

  • Add oracle_delayoracle_duration and dispute_duration as parameters(#732
  • Add MinOracleDuration config constant(#821
  • Move certain slashed funds and fees/tips to treasury (#814
  • Add bounties pallet to runtime(#776
  • Change deadline min/max values to following: MIN_DISPUTE_DURATION -12hours,MAX_DISPUTE_DURATION-1 month,MAX_GRACE_PERIOD -1year, MAX_ORACLE_DURATION-14days(#828
  • Reduce advised market slash percentage to zero(#826
  • Improve admin benchmarks (#812
  • Upgrade codebase to polkadot-v0.9.23(#811
  • Add reject_reason in MarketRejected event(#835
  • Transform scalar markets from integer to fixed point numbers (#838
  • Add extrinsics for editing markets(#834


With regards to the application's interface, we submitted a total of 126 commits, and these are the primary ones worth taking note of:

  • Display the value of the liquidity pool in USD on the liquidity pool page
  • Support 24-hour price change display in ascending or descending order
  • Provide an introduction for liquidity providers
  • Fix withdrawal liquidity bug
  • Fix bug where liquidity did not display on initial page
  • Speed up the loading time, ensuring less waiting for the initialization of SDK when loading market card
  • User account address is automatically filled in when setting oracle (for market creators)

Subsquid Integration

As mentioned, Subsquid acts as an important data indexing tool for us here at Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist<>Subsquid integration saw 13 GitHub commits. Here are the eight most important ones worth noting:

  • Upgrade handlers bought/sold-CompleteSet(#187
  • Fix resolved price for scalar markets(#189
  • Add versatility to swap handlers(#195
  • Enable query subscription(#202
  • Process & map MarketDestroyedEvent(#204
  • Process & map TokensTransferEvent(#207
  • Process & map market deadlines(#209
  • Add start & end timestamps to period(#211


This month, our Software Development Kit (SDK) version number iterated to v0.9.3, and a total of 13 commits were submitted here. These are the ones worth mentioning:


Additional Tech Notes

  • In addition to all of the above work our engineering team have churned out, we've also added "market creation criteria" and "normative contribution rules" to the Zeitgeist docs, which are helpful resources if you're looking to dive deeper into our protocol and application. (


Marketing efforts are moving at a steady pace, as our tech team readies the application for wider user participation. There are also some other milestones we're looking to achieve before ramping up marketing efforts that will take Zeitgeist beyond merely the Polkadot ecosystem.

As mentioned, our primary marketing endeavour in October was that of the "App Launch Party" held in Decentraland. Hosted by "MetaGamiMall ", the event saw just under 1000 participants join us in the Metaverse. We gave away thousands of ZTG to numerous lucky participants, and also a couple of Zeitgeist metaverse wearables. There were a host of tweets from participating users, so if you were one of them, thank you for joining us and for your continued support!

The Zeitgeist App Launch Party in Decentraland was organised primarily by the Zeitgeist China community, and we want to thank our Chinese team as well as "MetaGamiMall" and "Decentraland China" for their assistance in making this event a memorable one!

In addition to the Decentraland event, we also have two speakers representing Zeitgeist at the Polkadot Summit being held in San Francisco: Our CEO Logan and our Business Growth Consultant Devlin - good luck, gents!

A couple of other things to note from the marketing side:

  • Our community program "The Zeitgeist Seer Community" ran a very successful Halloween meme competition, which they aptly called "Hallo Meme".
  • Nova Wallet added Zeitgeist to its functionality feature suite.
  • Bob (Head of Community Developemnt Program) and James (Marketing Communications) took part in an intriguing Twitter Space about Web 3 gaming with GameDAO.
  • The first Zeitgeist Improvement Proposal was posted!
  • The Zeitgeist NFT campaign continues to go strong, with numerous prediction market participants earning a number of badges - there is more to come in this regard, so make sure you know the ins and outs (like checking out this Blog Post here).

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it's been yet another busy month at Zeitgeist. Our growing team is as busy as ever, but it's all so worth it when we consider how powerful a tool we already have on our hands, and in the hands of users any where in the world!

See you in November... 👊