Monthly Report: August 2022

It's been another full month for the Zeitgeist team, one which was primarily devoted to "final touches". Here's everything we were up to.

Monthly Report: August 2022
Here's everything we were up to in the month of August!

Like most other months here at Zeitgeist, August was another exciting one! We completed our final code audit in collaboration with Chaintroopers, and addressed all of the issues found.  We spent the rest of the month polishing the interface and ensuring it runs smoothly in preparation for a September app launch. This launch will also see some exciting incentive structures in place that we’re sure will excite even the most passive user.

[Note: You can see this entire post directly on our GitHub here]



The Zeitgeist protocol completed the final code corrections based on the audit report, and submitted a total of 140 Github commits. Here are the primary updates:

  • Let markets open their pools when they start (#711
  • Implement zrml-styx - burn ZTG for the ability to claim an NFT avatar(#725
  • Add minimum balance to CPMM logic(#733
  • Cleanup MarketIdsPerReportBlock and MarketIdsPerDisputeBlock in resolution_manager()(#729
  • Make the protocol capable of handling multiple runtimes(#721
  • Allow market approval by single AdvisoryCommittee member(#744
  • Apply updated configuration to Zeitgeist runtime (#749

Subsquid Integration

August saw continued integration of Subsquid’s tech into the Zeitgeist ecosystem. Subsquid acts as an important data indexing tool for Zeitgeist, and here we submitted a total of 9 GitHub commits. Here are the key details:

  • Process & map MarketExpiredEvent & PoolClosedEvent(#141
  • Moving from Market's mdm to disputeMechanism(#144
  • Dockerize processor & query-node(#146
  • Validate account balances with polkadot.js(#148
  • Validate balance history of an account with polkadot.js(#150
  • Add
  • Remove swap fees from calcSpotPrice(#154


This month, our Software Development Kit (SDK) version number iterated to v0.8.2. A total of 32 commits were submitted:

  • Upgrade for zeitgeist-v0.3.4(#205
  • Replace 'Ended' status with 'Closed'(#204
  • Fetch dispute details from disputeMechanism(#206
  • Allow pinning on ipfs cluster(#207
  • Check ipfsClientUrl before pushing to cluster(#208
  • fix no liquidity filter(#211
  • Improved connection behavior(#212
  • Throw error on ipfs cluster pinning when creating market(#214
  • Upgrade to polkadot/api-v9.2.2(#209
  • Add possibility to subscribe to market changes(#215
  • Update index.ts(#217

Other notable developments

  • We have made an API open to the public, which users can try here:
  • Multiple internal stress testing of app and protocol
  • Improved public governance interface built on subsquare, which users try here:
  • Continued development of integrated NFT services and infrastructure, which will be revealed soon.


  • Prepared the full announcement of our Chaintroopers audit report
  • Collated, judged and announced “ParaDao” as the winner of a $5000 bounty as part of the Polkadot Global Hackathon: USA Edition.
  • James was a guest on “Mangata Mondays”, a community call with the Mangata DEX team (it was unfortunately not recorded).
  • Held a Spanish community Ambassador Seminar on Twitter Spaces.
  • Designed a Decentraland wearable with the DigiFun team.
  • Strategized NFT profile pic campaign and equipable NFT “reward badges”.
  • Prepared a unique, online countdown mechanism for app launch.


It’s been another bumper month for us at Zeitgeist, and all efforts have been directed toward the launch of a smooth and fast application, coupled with a campaign that excites our community and rewards power users.

We know it’s deep “bear market” territory in the crypto industry, and users can get frustrated by the lack of excitement and hype within the ecosystem, but we want to remind you that we’re not building for hype nor any specific market “cycle”: We’re building an application that provides a powerful decentralized forecasting tool. One that stands the test of time. We appreciate all of the support and patience shown to us by community members from around the world, and are excited to now be one more step closer to a protocol we can all be incredibly proud of!