June 2022 Report

June was a momentous month for Zeitgeist. Here is a full list of what we were up to.

June 2022 Report
It's been a remarkable month for us at Zeitgeist.

Our biggest milestone this month was the much anticipated Token Generation Event (TGE) and Token Transferability Event (TTE), marking a new chapter for Zeitgeist. In addition to this, our team were actively involved in the 2022 edition of Polkadot Decoded, where Zeitgeist received some helpful exposure.

Further to those primary highlights, here is a full rundown of what we were up to in June:



Zeitgeist made numerous improvements ahead of TTE, primarily security improvements, and submitted a total of 112 Github commits. Here are the key updates:

  • Add code of conduct(#647
  • Let admin_move_market_to_closed error on non-active markets (#637
  • Remove MarketCommons::report(#633
  • Remove legacy Outcomes map (#630
  • Make all in/out limits optional(#590
  • Fix MarketCounter(#636
  • Remove all external pallets from filters (#660
  • Allow unbounded liquidity when creating new market(#587
  • Pool creation should not allow duplicate assets(#666
  • Implement MarketStatus::Closed(#651
  • Force user to use limits when swapping tokens(#674
  • Fix “dispute market” after a resolve bug(#669
  • Fix block timeout when starting a new chain from genesis(#684
  • Fix the weight of the base asset to the sum of the weights of the outcome assets(#672


The SDK version was upgraded from the v0.5.2 iteration to v0.6.3 to align with our TTE event. In total, 17 commits were submitted:

  • Upgrade to polkadot/api-v8.7.1(#188
  • Replace createCategoricalMarket and createScalarMarket with createMarket (#189
  • Update params for swaps.swapExactAmountIn & swaps.swapExactAmountOut (#191
  • Reformat countMarkets (#192
  • Simplify amounts on createCpmmMarketAndDeployAssets & deploySwapPoolForMarket (#193
  • Support predictionMarkets.deploySwapPoolAndAdditionalLiquidity (#195
  • Stage ipfs-cluster(#187


  • Publish a comprehensive Tutorial explaining Prediction Markets (translated into localized languages)
  • Frontend Dev Jørn held an online workshop to guide developers on how to use the Zeitgeist SDK as part of the ongoing Polkadot Global Hackathon.
  • CEO Logan was interviewed by Polkaworld
  • Publish the announcement blog of TTE and TGE
  • Francisco “Numa” de Pablo published full analysis of our TGE
  • CEO Logan gave a comprehensive overview of why Futarchy is so groundbreaking at the Berlin edition of Polkadot Decoded 2022, which was live-streamed via Kusama’s Twitter account.
  • Comms manager James gave a helpful talk about Twitter use for Polkadot projects at the Buenos Aires edition of Polkadot Decoded 2022, which was well received by the Latam audience, in addition to giving a summary of what Zeitgeist is all about.
  • Zeitgeist had staff at all versions of Polkadot Decoded 2022 (Berlin, NYC, Hangzhou, and Buenos Aires) where they networked with influential colleagues in the ecosystem
  • New dedicated ZTG Staking server was created in the Zeitgeist Discord Server to assist with those looking to stake ZTG.

All in all, it’s been an exciting month for us at Zeitgeist. We’re more motivated than ever to see our application come to life.

An upcoming big occasion for us is the hosting of our first in-person strategization session with our team. We are a fully decentralized team with staff from around the world, and next week we all meet together in one room for the first time, where we plan on adding the final touches to the app, and conclude our strategy for marketing its launch.

These are important weeks for Zeitgeist, and we’ll keep you posted as things progress, so make sure you’re part of our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord communities.

Thanks for your continued support!