How To Use Zeitgeist

In this series of videos, we walk you through how to use the Zeitgeist app, from start to finish.

How To Use Zeitgeist
Our app is here, and we're excited to show new users how to use it.

Now that we're live, we want to make sure as many users as possible know how to use the app seamlessly. While we have endeavoured to ensure our app is intuitive and easy to understand, we're also keenly aware that Web3 tech is daunting to many new users - and add the nuances of Prediction Markets to that challenge, it can seem overwhelming.

So with that in mind, we've put together a tutorial series that gives you a full run through of exactly what you need to do in order to participate in the Zeitgeist Prediction Market ecosystem. This series of four videos walks you through everything from getting yourself a Polkadot-based Zeitgeist wallet, right up to making your very own, permissionless Prediction Market.

Part 1: Getting A Polkadot-based Wallet

The first thing any Web3 user needs is a crypto wallet to interact with various applications. In our case, we make use of Polkadot's blockchain technology, and thus you need a Polkadot-based wallet in order to interact with our app.

There are a number of technologists who have built outstanding wallet technology, including Talisman, the Polkadot.js wallet, and SubWallet. In this specific tutorial, we show you how to get a Polkadot-based wallet using SubWallet's application:

Part 2: Minting A Zeitgeist NFT Avatar

This part in theory could be skipped... but why would you want to miss out on some NFTs!?

As a true Web3 application, we have integrated NFT technology into our application, whereby user profile pictures can be NFTs. These NFTs can be viewable (and even traded!) on the RMRK NFT marketplace, and can even be "equipped" and adorned with additional jewelry and badges that themselves are NFTs. Read the full blog post about this exciting development here.

Users need to burn 200 ztg in order to get themselves a Zeitgeist NFT Avatar, after which they can begin earning further "equipable" NFTs by participating in our app. If a user doesn't get themselves an NFT Avatar, their profile picture on the application will be a generic "egghead" type profile pic.

Here's how to mint an NFT Avatar:

Part 3: Making Predictions

Now we get to what Zeitgeist is truly about! Making predictions!

In this tutorial video, we run through the various types of markets, and show you how you can participate in them.

Important to remember! For each "outcome asset" you hold that is a winning outcome, you will receive 1 ztg. IE. If you purchased ten "BRAZIL" tokens for the "Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2022" market, and Brazil do indeed win the FIFA World Cup 2022, you will receive ten ztg. All losing outcomes (non winning outcomes) receive nothing, and their assets are burnt.

Part 4: Making Your Own Prediction Market

The great thing about Zeitgeist is that anyone (to an extent) can make their own Prediction Market on our application! (I say "to an extent" because we do have a council who may vote to slash certain markets that could be voted as "nefarious" or "inappropriate").

In this tutorial, we show you how to create a permissionless "categorical options" prediction market, in the sports category. For this kind of market, users need at least 1400 ztg. Users also have the option to create "advised" markets by going through the Discord committee, and call upon Zeitgeist's council to allocate external liquidity (instead of deploy their own).


And that's the basics of how to use the Zeitgeist app! We hope these have been helpful, and that they have answered any queries you have had about getting involved in our ecosystem. We are constantly evolving, and will update these videos and tutorials with more information if necessary.

Reach out to us on social media if you have any questions!

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