How To Buy ZTG On MEXC

Here is how to buy ZTG using the MEXC crypto exchange.

Many of you may be excited to participate in the numerous Prediction Markets on our app, but don't know how to get your hands on our utility token "ZTG". If you weren't part of our Crowdloan or Token Sale and don't yet have some ZTG, then you can purchase your ZTG on two centralized exchanges (CEXs):



ZTG will be available on a number of Polkadot-based DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) in the very near future, but we need to finalize a couple of things before that becomes a reality. In the meantime, users will need to go through one of the above CEXs.

Using them is remarkably easy. Here's how to do it on MEXC...

There is standard KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for both, which can take less than 5 minutes. In order to be able to withdraw crypto off these exchanges and onto your own wallet, you will likely need to provide your real name, a local identification number issued by your government, and an email address. You won't even need to provide a scan of any ID documents (unless you'll be withdrawing significant amounts of crypto!)

You can either follow the below video tutorial, or, read on below...

How to buy on MEXC:

The process for purchasing ZTG on MEXC is not a difficult one...

Tthe market is paired with USDT (ZTG/USDT), so you will need some USDT on the exchange in order to purchase ZTG.

Users can either purchase USDT directly with a credit card, but further KYC may be required to qualify for this service.

In our tutorial video above, we run through how to transfer crypto from a large CEX like Binance over to MEXC...

Despite the markets being paired in USDT, we'll be transferring the BUSD stablecoin, considering we are using Binance. This is because Binance only uses the BUSD stable coin on their exchange.

  1. Go to "Assets Overview"
  2. Hit "Deposit"
  3. Under the assets search bar, search for BUSD
  4. Your BUSD Address will appear, copy it
  5. Navigate to your wallet on Binance, and hit the "withdraw" button
  6. Select the crypto, which will be BUSD
  7. Paste the BUSD address (from Step 1) into the "withdraw to" address bar
  8. Double check the address you copied from the previous exchange is the same one that was pasted into the Binance "withdraw to" address bar!
  9. Hit "get email code" on Binance, wait for the email to arrive, and enter the code in the bar
  10. Enter your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code in, and then hit Confirm
  11. Wait approx. 5 minutes - the BUSD will arrive as Binance USD on MEXC
  12. Hit the "convert" button, and convert your BUSD or USD to "USDT" (USD Tether)
  13. Once converted, navigate to the "Trade Spot" button, and search for "ZTG"
  14. Select "ZTG/USDT"
  15. We suggested using the "Market" order button on the "buy" dialog box, because your trade will execute quicker
  16. Enter the amount of USDT you would like to spend (or drag the slider all the way across to 100% if you want to spend your entire USDT balance) - the exchange's algorithm will calculate how many ZTG you will get
  17. Hit "Buy" and in some cases "confirm"
  18. The trade should execute, and congratulations! You should now have ZTG!
  19. Now, select "Assets", and hit "withdraw"
  20. Click on ZTG
  21. Head on over to your Polkadot-based wallet (use this tutorial here if you don't have one yet)
  22. Copy your ZTG address (the link shared in Point 21 has details if you're confused)
  23. Paste the ZTG in the "withdraw" section of the CEX you're using - double check it carefully
  24. Enter the amount of ZTG you want to withdraw to your Polkadot-based wallet (where you will use the Zeitgeist app - again, check the tutorial linked in Point 21)
  25. Hit "withdraw"
  26. Hit "get email code", and wait for it to arrive via email
  27. Enter the email code
  28. Enter your Two Factor Authentication code from your 2FA app (Google 2FA, Authy, Lastpass Authenticator etc.)
  29. Hit "Withdraw"
  30. Your ZTG should arrive in your Polkadot-based wallet within 1-5 mins!
  31. You are now ready to make predictions on the Zeitgeist application!

If you don't yet know how to use the Zeitgeist application, visit our tutorial Playlist on YouTube here.

We hope this has been helpful, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and happy predicting!