Announcing Zeitgeist Launch NFTs

We're bringing NFTs as user profile images to the Zeitgeist application!

Announcing Zeitgeist Launch NFTs
We're bringing NFTs as user profile images to the Zeitgeist application!

The long awaited launch of our Prediction Markets application is now right around the corner. We cannot wait to introduce it to the world, and see the markets in all their glory.

By way of celebrating this auspicious milestone, we’re delighted to present a launch campaign that is sure to get any crypto enthusiast in a frenzy: Adaptable profile images that double as NFTs!

Users that interact with the Zeitgeist app will have the opportunity of owning their profile image as an NFT, just like the one pictured above. 

And thanks to the pioneering technology of Singular’s second iteration, RMRK 2.0, NFT media can now have additional items equipped and adorned on to them. Yes, these blue profile image NFTs can be equipped with additional NFTs as forms of jewelry and stylish decoration.

In our case, what this means is: Users who have minted a profile image NFT will have a blue profile image tied to their Substrate-based ZTG wallet (remember: A Substrate-based wallet is required to use the Zeitgeist app), and can then adorn this profile image with items like glasses, halos/headwear, different types of mouthpieces, necklaces, and even crowns.

Earning these NFTs will require meeting some qualifying criteria, and the more you participate in Zeitgeist markets, the more NFT badges you’ll earn!

Above: An early look at the Zeitgeist Application User Avatar, and some of the equipable NFTs up for grabs in our launch campaign.

As mentioned, there are four forms of equipables that users can earn:

  • Glasses/eyewear
  • Headwear/halos/crowns
  • Mouthpieces
  • Necklaces

There are five “areas of expertise” where participants of the app can earn these badges:

  • Oracle
  • Market Deployment
  • Trading
  • Participation
  • Overall Crowns

Furthermore, there are three levels for each of these areas of expertise, with Level #1 being the most superior level, and Level #3 being the “entry level” badge (ie. the easiest badge to earn). Here are the names of each badge according to its level of difficulty…

Confirming the outcome of a market (IE. Acting as an oracle)

Oracle badge levels:
1. The Wizard (The most superior level)
2. The Watchman
3. The Scout (First level)

Creating a certain number of markets that achieve a specific amount of ZTG trading volume.

Market Deployment badge levels:

1. Expert (Most superior)
2. Whiz
3. Techie

Participating in certain markets with a minimum amount of ZTG spent (IE. For each threshold of ZTG spent on certain markets, you will earn a new NFT badge).

Trading badge levels:

1. Guru
2. Master
3. Worker


These are for the leaders of each category after a specific period of time.

Participation badge levels:
1. Grandmaster
2. Prodigy
3. Pundit

These are the overall leaders who traded the most throughout the entire launch campaign period (there are only three of these “Overall Crowns”).

Overall Crown badge levels:
1. Maestro
2. Sage
3. Buff

There are four categories of prediction markets where participants can earn equipable NFT badges:

  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. Sports (including eSports)
  3. News
  4. ANY

As you can see, there is more than enough scope for users to grow their collection of Zeitgeist profile NFTs.

By now you’re likely asking what the criteria are to earn these splendid equipable NFT badges… It will require a fair amount of participation on Zeitgeist’s prediction market application, but it won’t be impossible.

We’ve created a spreadsheet here of all the criteria for each category and area of expertise, and how much you need to do if you want to earn a specific badge. (Bonus: This spreadsheet includes image previews of what each equipable will look like).

How To Get Your Zeitgeist Profile Image NFT

There are two ways users can get their hands on a Zeitgeist Profile Image NFT and start their equipable journey:

1. Burn 200 ZTG for an NFT after launch.
Simply load up your ZTG wallet (connectable via Polkadot.js, Talisman, or SubWallet) with 200 ZTG, visit our live app-page after the countdown ends, and mint from your profile!

The other way to get your Zeitgeist profile image NFT is to...

2. Own a Zeitgeist Tarot NFT!

We are rewarding early adopters of Zeitgeist who purchased a “Tarot themed” NFT back in October when they participated in our Beta application. As a sign of our gratitude, Tarot NFT holders can mint a pre-launch profile image NFT for free.

**Important note: A Snapshot of Tarot NFT holders was taken at an earlier date for these rewards (you can't buy one now in order to qualify)

So again, users who held one Tarot NFT before the snapshot taken earlier this month will be able to mint a blue profile image avatar. Users who hold at least three out of the five Tarot NFTs will get an additional equipable badge! Then, there is even a rare badge for the lucky user who holds all five of the Zeitgeist Tarot NFTs! (Our data shows there was only one user who held all five Tarots at the time of the snapshot).

NOTE: After hitting "mint" (either with a wallet holding 200 ZTG or holding a Tarot NFT) it will take a minute or two for the app to mint you a profile image NFT. Be patient.

App Launch Countdown Page

We have a dedicated countdown webpage indicating how many minutes remain until we go live with our app. On this page, users can mint their profile image NFTs, and once minted can visit their own RMRK profile to see it. Once we go live, users will be able to see their profile image in their profile section of the Zeitgeist application, and begin racking up volume as they seek to earn equipable badges.

We will have a Crowdcast on Monday 12 September at 4pm UTC to run through all of this with you, and will then have another launch event via Crowdcast announcing the official launch of our application. Make sure you’re registered for Friday’s Crowdcast here (we’re going to be giving away a few Profile Images for some lucky participants).

We’re immensely excited to bring this form of Web3 interaction to a decentralized protocol like the Zeitgeist app, and hope you enjoy its functionality and the reputation that comes with owning a unique, NFT-based Zeitgeist profile image. Along with the Crowdcast, stay tuned to our social media and Discord channels for further updates.